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I have always been well known amongst family and friends for my lovely long hairs with good texture. So I could not believe how bad it got when I experienced hair loss for the first time ever after delivering my first child.

And the hair loss was also not less, it was severe and I was losing up to 200-300strands of hair per day. Everybody told me that this was normal after delivery so made up my mind to wait for a couple of months. With the fear of losing more hair I used to avoid combing my hair frequently. I combed my hair only once in the morning after my bath and then tie them up into plats so I don’t need to comb them again.

But this would not make much difference. The hair fall was not reducing and I got scared that if I wait any further I will go bald only. This is when I consulted Dr Shahid Shamsher who is well known in Bangalore for effective hair fall treatments. On the first appointment only he examined my hair and scalp and told me that it was due to some hormonal imbalance.

After 3 months when the hair fall reduced the doctor asked me to stop the treatment as I do not have a family history of baldness so he said that I should have natural growth further with his prescribed diet chart. I am happy to keep my long hairs which my daughter loves to play with.

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Hello, Could you tell me if I am estrogen dominant. My progesterone level was 0.4 mmol/l on day 14 of a 32 day cycle.

My radiologist was 586 mmol/l.Hair loss diffuse pattern, more pronounced at temples and front. If i am could that cause hair loss? Is it permanent loss?And can it be treated? If so by what sort of treatment?

poof On top of the hair loss my hair growth rate has slowed down. Looks like there is nothing I can do but have thinner hair. Awesome there is no sign of it stopping.

I assume there is something wrong with my hormone results as you did not say they were okay, my doctor said they were fine so i could not challenge her on them and assumed all was well.

Thanks for the feedback.

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